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The St. Alban’s Psalter

The facsimile edition of the St. Alban’s Psalter

Bibliotheca Regius prides itself in offering the art and history connoisseur the perfect collection of manuscripts.

From the magnificent Trinity Apocalypse, that stands out as the culmination of manuscript illumination in the Early Gothic period, to the Bedford Hours that ranks among the prime achievements of late Gothic Parisian illumination, we offer a unique masterpiece for your personal library.

The pages that have been protected through the centuries within precious bindings reveal the art of our ancestors in colours as fresh as the day they were first applied. Great libraries and museums now cherish as national treasures the precious illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages. These resplendent works of art, richly decorated with miniatures full of symbolism and magic, are monuments of past epochs revealing the secrets of their age.

For conservation reasons, even scholars and highly qualified experts can no longer be granted unlimited access to the masterpieces of medieval illumination. Perfect facsimile editions, however, help to make the pinnacles of a centuries-old art accessible to experts, scholars, collectors and booklovers alike.

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