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Fine art facsimile editions  / Psalter

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Albani Psalter
  • Family: Psalter   -  Reference:L20X1
  • Signature:Codex HS St.God.1
  • Location:Hildesheim, St. Godehard
  • Size:276 mm x 184 mm   -   Number of pages:422
  • Time: XII century
  • Binding: encuadernation 1

It is as if the artists of the St. Alban’s Psalter, both scribe and painter alike, had music still ringing in their ears when they executed the Psalms from 1123 to 1135 in an incredibly lavish luxury manuscript. The outstanding miniatures and painted initials of the book form such an expressive and lively colored decoration that one can imagine them movingly the rhythm of music: a fantastic picture galled from the heyday of English book illumination.


In addition tithe 150 Latin Psalms (Gallican version), the calendar at the beginning and the litany and prayers at the end of the book, the St. Alban’s Psalter includes two further quite unusual texts:the Life of St. Alexis and a letter of Pope Gregory the Great in which he defends the variety of images as a teaching aid. The illustrations are the oldest surviving examples of book painting from the English Romanesque period. The narrative style of the pictures and the depictions in profile suggest that the artist had religious drama in mind. All 46 miniature pages bear testimony to a successful iconographic symbiosis of Anglo-Saxon, Ottonian and Byzantine art, combined with a creative urge for independent artistic expression.

The impressive picture cycle was created by the main artist of the Psalter, the “Alexis Master”. This tremendously rich sequence of scenes introducing the book is distinguished by strong body colour painting, and by elegant, extremely elongated figures that are mostly shown in profile. All miniatures are get in a golden frame, which is in turn filled with opulent meandering bands of a sheer incredible variety. 214 vividly coloured dissociated initials. In the execution of the large-size dissociated initials, the picture and the letter itself fuse into a new design. The artists coherently keep to one and the same creative model: all Psalms are introduced by historiated initials, as are the ensuing chants credos, litanies, and prayers. The combination of image and text displays an incredible creative power, making it even possible to illustrate the hidden message. Limited to 1125 copies worldwide. The facsimile binding (Bordeaux red leather with blind tooling) is modelled in a contemporary English binding of the 12th century. MS st. God. 1 of the Dombibliothek Hildesheim (Property of the Basilika St. Godehard) SchNútgen Museum, Cologne, Inv. No. M694.

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