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Model Book of Giovannino de Grassi (Ref:B2009)


Family: Secular    Time: XIV century    Binding: encuadernation 1

The Model book of Giovannino de Grassi is the best known and most precious manuscript in the ‘’Angelo Mai’’ Library in Bergamo and is commonly regarded as the most important example of the late Italian Gothic art. Created in the late XIV century in the Visconti court, the codex, a so-called model book, comprises 77 drawings and 24 letters of the alphabet in excellent quality.

Hundred Images of Wisdon. Christine de Pizan (Ref:)

Author: Christine de Pizan

Family: Secular    Time: XV century    Binding:

Christine de Pizan put her extensive literary activity to the service of the most prominent princes in her environment: King Charles VI and Queen Isabel of Bavaria, Louis of Orleans, and the Dukes Jean of Berry and Phillip of Burgundy. She created magnificent illuminated manuscripts of her own works for these noble bibliophiles.

Jacques Bruyant: The Way of Poverty or Riches (Ref:L2026)


Family: Secular    Time: XV century    Binding: encuadernation 1

The exuberant decoration of The Way of Poverty or Riches immediately catches the eye: its 73 folios in the format of 207 × 144 mm are embellished with a total of 46 generous miniatures whose glowing colours are charmingly highlighted with gold leaf, brush-applied gold, and even silver in some parts. In addition, each of the miniatures is framed with dense scrollwork consisting of gold-shimmering ivy leaves, interspersed with acanthus leaves, countless little flowers, and often fruit and animals.

Gaston Phoebus The Master of Game (Ref:L2024)


Family: Secular    Time: XV century    Binding: encuadernation 1

Gaston III, count of Foix and Béarn in the south of France, wrote his “Livre de chasse”, or Master of Game, in the years 1387–1389. This work not only re- presents the most famous record of medieval hunting, but may also be considered as one of the most inte- resting testimonies to the cultural history of its time.

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