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Albani Psalter (Ref:L20X1)


Family: Psalter    Time: XII century    Binding: encuadernation 1

It is as if the artists of the St. Alban’s Psalter, both scribe and painter alike, had music still ringing in their ears when they executed the Psalms from 1123 to 1135 in an incredibly lavish luxury manuscript. The outstanding miniatures and painted initials of the book form such an expressive and lively colored decoration that one can imagine them movingly the rhythm of music: a fantastic picture galled from the heyday of English book illumination.

The Psalter of Robert de Lisle (Ref:L20X0)


Family: Psalter    Time: XIV century    Binding: encuadernation 1

The Psalter of Robert de Lisle is indeed a great monument of the European Gothic style and among the finest manuscripts displayed in the British Library’s permanent exhibition at the Sir John Ritblat Gallery, among other highlights of the world’s cultural heritage such as the Lindisfarne Gospels, the Bedford Hours, and the Golden Haggadah. Even completely uninformed visitors stop in amazement at the showcase with the wonderfully illuminated manuscript of truly royal stature. It is the perfect epitome of the English Gothic style, and the characteristic longing for the skies has taken shape here in a way that is found occasionally in French or English architecture, or in individual altarpieces, though only rarely in bookpainting.

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