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German Prayer Book of the Margravine of Brandenburg (Ref:L2003)


Family: Book of Hours    Time: XVI century    Binding: encuadernation 1

In the year 1520, in the middle of the turbulent times of Renaissance and Humanism, an ornate, yet highly intimate prayer book in the German language was produced in Augsburg. The town, then under the Fugger dynasty, was not only an important place of commerce and finance, but also one of the major centres of German book illumination. The book was commissioned by Kasimir, Margrave of Brandenburg-Ansbach and his wife, Susanna of Bavaria, whose portraits and coats of arms decorate the manuscript. Margarine Susanna was the niece of Emperor Maximilian, a generous patron of the arts throughout his life. He commissioned works from some of
the greatest European painters, such as Dürer, Cranach and Holbein.

Belles Heures of Jean Duke of Berry (Ref:L2007)

Author: Limburg

Family: Book of Hours    Time: XV century    Binding: encuadernation 1

For his most personal Book of Hours, the Belles Heures, the Duke of Berry engaged the most famous book painters at this time Pol, Herman and Jehanequin Limbourg.

The Bedford Hours (Ref:L2027)


Family: Book of Hours    Time: XV century    Binding: encuadernation 1

The Bedford Hours represent an invaluable example of aristocratic bibliophily in the history of illumination. One of the richest Books of Hours ever to have left an illuminator’s workshop, it became famous all over the world. Miniatures from the Bedford Hours, such as the Ark of Noah or the Creation, are among the most frequently represented examples of the creativity which marked the first decades of the 15th century.

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