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The Hildesheim Golden Calendar (Ref:41029)


Family: Religious    Time: XIII century    Binding: encuadernation 1

The Impressive early Gothic deluxe manuscript produced at the height of the Saxon book illumination tradition, comprises nine pages of considerable size: a complete calendar with rich architectural decoration and elaborately designed zodiac signs as well as two magnificently painted pages showing five scenes from the Life of Christ: the Annunciation, Nativity, Crucifixion, Ascension and Maiestas Domini. The individual miniatures of these fragments are executed as expressive colour paintings with luminous golden grounds. The extraordinary Calendar mirrors the harmonious fusion of a charging conception of the arts with a lively, exciting meaning of expressions.

The Bening Quadriptych (Ref:)


Family: Religious    Time: XV century    Binding:

When people start talking about miniatures, one inevitably tends to think of the astounding images in manuscripts which European art has created over the centuries. This is why we feel all the more amazed
and fascinated the first time we view the masterpiece whose physical embodiment has nothing to do at all with manuscripts – and yet is now considered one of the greatest works by probably the most famous illuminator in art history: the Stein Quadriptych by Simon Bening.

The Vienna Model Book (Ref:)


Family: Religious    Time: XV century    Binding:

Acorn tablets and a stamped leather case – a precious frame for a magnificent work of art – this is a truly extraordinary piece, not least due to its outer appearance: a total of 14 small acorn tablets lie protected in a valuable, dark stamped leather case. Each of the tablets is set with four fine, detailed drawings that are placed in small frames. The tablets were originally arranged in a fanfold, and the valuable leather case had been designed to protect the valuable contents, with a strap that probably served to carry it around as a bag

Of Wondrous Occurrences (Ref:L20X2)


Family: Religious    Time: XVI century    Binding: encuadernation 1

Glittering golden decoration frames the beautiful, almost romantic pictures of a hitherto anonymous 15th century German artist, images created to prove the existence of inconceivable thing: birds that grow on trees; water that a virgin can carry in a sieve; as well as other, better known myths like the phoenix rising from the ashes; Circe turning humans into animals; or the lion who brings his cubs to life with a roar. All that just to prove the Mary’s virginity is part of a series of unbelievable but true ocurrences.

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