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Sam on Mount Alburz (Ref:2108)


Family: Revelation    Time: XVI century

This magnificent miniature shows a scene from the great national epic of Iran, Shah-nama, the Book of Kings. Its preceding story is as follows: The princely hero, Sam (on the right, on his richly saddled horse), abandoned his only son, Zal (on the left, up the mountain) shortly after his birth on Mount Alburz in the Hindukush, because the child was born with unnatural white hair. The mythical queen of the birds, Simurg, took the boy under her wing and raised him in her mountain eyrie with her own young. One day some members of a merchant’s caravan reported at the court that they had seen Zal in Simurg’s nest. After this, the son appeared to his father in a dream. So then Sam travelled on horseback to Mount Alburz in the company of some of his courtiers to look for Zal

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